The Arthur United Methodist Church is the people whose hearts have come home…
Thus begins our mission statement we recite every Sunday during our worship services. When I think of “home”, I naturally think of family, and how this congregation lives out being family together.
I define family as a people who eat together, pray together, and have a shared experience. Certainly there are other definitions, and this definition can fit many other groups of people as easily as it can a church. For me, this is a great description of the family here at AUMC. We can be and are “church” in many other places, but here we are home.
We eat together. Every month we celebrate Holy Communion, and as is customary for our denomination, we offer the sacrament to anyone who wishes to receive it, with no conditions. Actually there is one condition: are you hungry for Jesus? Each month on the first Sunday we have a meal together. Most notably, we serve a community meal each Wednesday where everyone is welcome. Once again the only requirement for participating in that meal is hunger. Through our food pantry we invite people to eat, and although we are not physically present at that meal, we spiritually join those who have taken advantage of our ministry. It is a joy to provide for those who are struggling, and to eat together in so many ways.
We pray together. Prayer under girds all that we do. Prayers are said constantly: before our meals, during worship, at our Sunday school lessons, at our small group studies, and every Sunday night at 5:30 for congregational prayer time. Prayer is one of our spiritual disciplines and means of grace which brings us closer to God and to one another.
We share experiences. Through worship, fellowship, ministry, and service, we share our faith as we share our lives. We have shared in so many wonderful and life-transforming experiences together, as well as difficult and challenging events. Through our shared experiences we find strength and joy as we continue on this journey of faithfulness and service.
Almost every congregation will speak of their friendliness and welcome, and we are no different. If you are looking for a faith community through which to connect with God and grow spiritually, we would welcome you to join in our journey. Membership is not required for someone to join us, only a desire to grow spiritually and serve others.