March 22, 2019 Weekly Email

Good morning!
Yes, even though our BUILDING is closed, there still is CHURCH, so there IS a weekly email. 😀
It might be a little short, but through these emails, I hope to deliver a bit of hope and maybe a bit of joy as we conquer COVID19.
Despite our building being closed, there still is church, as WE are the church. We are doing our best to stay connected using the resources we have on hand,
and we are still doing service by feeding those who are hungry and in need through Community Meals and the Food Pantry. We are accepting appointments by those
who want to visit God’s Closet. We are still serving. 
Since Monday evening, Pastor Bruce has been going live about 9:30 in the evenings. 
If you have missed any of his videos, you can see them on our video section on the church Facebook page at :
Last Sunday, we had our Les Miserables Bible Study online via Facebook as well. You can see that video by clicking on the link below:
This Sunday, there WILL be WORSHIP. It will be online via Facebook LIVE on our church Facebook page. 
This Sunday, there WILL be the LES MISERABLES Bible Study at 4:00 pm via Facebook Live on our church Facebook page. 
Also keep in mind, we still will be taking up a Sunday offering. It is important that we keep up with our offerings even though
we are not together in person and that our building is closed. CHURCH is still happening
You can mail a check to the church, you can bring a church to the office or put it in our slot, or 
you can give online by clicking on the link below: 
Newsletter information:  I will be putting out a newsletter and have it available the first Sunday of April as we always plan.
I would like to ask for stories from you.  There have been many who have been staying home – whether they are working from home
or self isolating and practicing social distancing. I want to hear YOUR stories. What are you doing during this time? How have you 
felt about COVID19 and has it impacted your daily life? Please send me a few of your thoughts and I would like to put them in the
newsletter for a special section in the newsletter. Let’s share stories with each other, so that we can all still feel connected. 
One last thing, after some research I found an article titled, “10 Ways Christians Can Exemplify Faith and Peace during COVID-19.”
Click on the link below to give it a read…. 
I hope that everyone is doing well. Do your best to stay in touch by staying connected with family, church family, friends
and checking in on your neighbors. I know that here in Arthur, we are a community that helps one another and we will
make it through this. 
Don’t forget to attend worship online this Sunday on our Facebook page, join our online Bible study or 
join us in prayer at 5:30 pm. 
Have a great rest of your week and weekend. Stay safe- and wash your hands! 
Ariana R Cherry