October 2018 Food Pantry News

The pantry continues to be busy. We have had some unique and exciting donations this month.
First, there was a bridal shower that had food gifted to the shower, and then they  donated it to the pantry. Secondly, our local FFA participated in a 10 –gallon challenge. They purchased 10 gallons of milk to support dairy farmers and then  donated those to our food pantry! The FFA challenged other groups to do the same thing. Their hope was that this challenge would spread in central Illinois.
Last of all, the Oakland United Methodist Church Food Pantry had a surplus of cereal which they generously shared with us. We have been richly blessed with the generosity of many groups lately. The families who come to the food pantry are very  appreciative of all the kindness. The pantry is in need of canned fruit,  toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, toilet tissue and laundry soup. Thanks for supporting!                                  
 In  His Service,                    
  Jill Strawn  

Food Pantry News: September 2018

We helped 18 families in July.  Many of those families have not asked for help August, but I have had calls from six new families that moved into our community.  They were all very grateful for the food they received.  It seems as though each month is different. I would like to thank you for your continued support of this much need  project.  The pantry is low on toilet tissue, Kleenex, paper towels, canned fruit, fruit juice, grape jelly, and cereal.    
In His Service,                                                                      
Jill Strawn  

Food Pantry News: August 2018

Last month I told you about being invited to the ECIWCTU meeting (East Central Illinois Woman’s Christian Temperance Union).  It is a group of very nice ladies. 

I enjoyed their meeting.  They made me feel very welcome.  They insisted I join them for lunch.  That is always a good thing especially since the meeting was at Yoders.  They gave me a large donation of canned goods for the pantry.

The pantry continues to be busy.  We are helping a new person who moved to town.  We are helping him until he gets his first pay check.  He appreciates everything people are doing for him to help him get on his feet.

The pantry is low on cereal, toilet tissue, Kleenex and toilet articles like shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste and tooth brushes.  As always, “thank you” for supporting our outreach project.

                                                                              In His Service, Jill Strawn


Food Pantry News July 2018


It is difficult to think of something new each month and then I remembered an interesting phone conversation I had with

Norma Taylor.  She is a member in a group called ECIWCTU (East Central Illinois Woman’s

Christian Temperance  Union).  She had contacted the Visitors Center and wanted to donate food to a food bank.  Long story short,  we connected and she wanted to hear about our outreach activities.  So I proceeded to tell her about  how God’s Closet provides clothing and household items, school supplies in the fall and winter coats, etc in the winter.  Then I explained to her how our food pantry provides food  tofamilies plus delivers 65 Thanksgiving boxes within the community.  I also told her about Wednesday night Community Meals. We as a congregation are trying to answer God’s call to feed the hungry and help those in need because as Pastor Bruce says “because Jesus asks us to!”  So I am going to their meeting on July 2nd to accept their donation of canned goods.    I am anxious to hear about other projects they support. 

I also receive a large donation of salmon, tuna, clam chowder soup, raisins and breakfast bars.  I don’t understand where it comes from exactly.  It is marked “emergency meals” and Andy Bernius shares it with us.  I have this food in the pantry as well as on the table at the community meal.

As always “thank you” for supporting our outreach projects.  The pantry is in need  of shampoo, men’s deodorant and toilet paper.

            In His Service, Jill Strawn


Food Pantry News for May 2018

The pantry continues to be busy. This month someone donated several packages of beef liver. I learned the lesson that people either love it or can’t stand it. There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to beef liver! When asking families if they liked liver, I received many “funny” faces but also big smiles from those who love it.

I also received a large donation from Astoria. Everyone loves the fragrant items they donate to us.

I would like to thank all those who donated cereal and other items last month. I now have a nice variety of cereals to pick from. This month I am in need of toilet tissue, Kleenex, shampoo, both women’s and men’s deodorant and soup.

As always, thank you for supporting our outreach project!

In His Service,
Jill Strawn


April 2018 Food Pantry News


The pantry continues to be busy.  I have both a happy and sad story to share with you.  We “lost” a family that we have helped for several years.  We lost them because they became employed and no longer need our help.  What an exciting blessing! 

We gained a new couple because they now have medical problems that keep them from working.  We were able to give them several bags of groceries and help fill their cabinets again.  They were extremely appreciative and thankful for the help.I appreciate the donations that you bring to church each month.  Your generosity brings smiles to those who weren’t smiling when they came to the pantry.
Iris and Howard Ramsey, Marilyn Allison and I delivered 38 Easter “goodie bags” to our senior members. A  friendly visit was enjoyed at each stop.
We are in need of laundry soap, cereal, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant and toilet tissue. 
As always, thank you for supporting our outreach project.

                                                                     In His Service, Jill Strawn




This month the food pantry has continued to be busy.  We have added three new families needing help. 

We got (for the third time) a nice donation from Astoria which is one of our newer businesses in town.  They generously gave us scented body soaps, scented hand soaps, scented hand lotions and candles.  The families who visit the pantry thoroughly  enjoy these luxuries.  They make the pantry smell really good too!
The pantry is getting low and is in need of canned chicken, jelly, canned fruit, 

fruit juice, toilet tissue, shampoo & conditioner and laundry soap. 


As always, thanks for supporting our project.


In His Service,
Jill Strawn

July 2017 Food Pantry News

In June the food pantry received two exciting donations.  The first one was from Amanda Romine’s marketing class.  She wrote “My marketing class had projects this year to create a product or event and use the marketing process to price, promote and distribute it.  The groups were very successful this year in their projects and have chosen the two food pantries in Arthur to donate the funds to.”  
The second one was a generous food and monetary donation from our Vacation Bible School Program. This is such an awesome thing that so many in our community see the need and get involved with our food pantry.  We are so blessed to live in such a caring
and giving community!
At this time the pantry is in need of canned meat, sugar, ketchup, facial tissue,
and laundry soap. As always, thanks for supporting our project.
In His Service,
Jill Strawn



June 2017 Food Pantry News

The pantry continues to be busy.  Each month we pick up new families who need help and stop helping those who have gotten jobs and no longer need our help.  That situation is very rewarding to me.  This month we got a large food donation from the Arthur Evening Woman’s Club.  We always appreciate all the community support we get for this project.

The pantry is in need of tuna packed in water, canned meat, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce and summer drinks such as Kool-Aid.  Thank you for your continued support of our outreach project.


May 2017 Food Pantry News

Another exciting and busy month at the food pantry!  On April 2, the Vine Street Christian Church made their semiannual pilgrimage to our church.  They brought 11 wagons of groceries for the food pantry.  Then they joined us for a meal and fellowship.  We appreciate them supporting this project!

     On Thursday, April 6, Iris & Howard Ramsey and Marilyn Allison and I delivered 27 “Easter Goodie Boxes”  to seniors and shut-ins in our congregation.  This time Ruth Miller and Gaye Davis’s youth groups made individual Easter cards for each person.  The recipients enjoyed the talents of our young people.

     I would like to thank all the church members for donating items for a new family in town.  We were able to give them a couch, wing back chair, torchiere lamp, 2 twin mattresses with sheets, pillows and blankets,  pans & skillets, sheets, towels and blankets, dishes, mixing bowl set, silverware, glasses, many kitchen utensils, 2 pitchers, canister set, just to mention some things.  Kathy Oye is making or altering curtains for them.  Another couple is giving them a used washer & dryer set.  It is amazing what we can accomplish when we all join together doing God’s work!

     The pantry has been very busy and is in need of cereal,  canned fruit, fruit juice and hamburger  helper.  Thank you for supporting our outreach project.