Wednesday Community Meals

Wednesday Night Community Meals
Community meals are served every
Wednesday evening from 4:30-6:30 p.m. 
This is a ministry where citizens throughout the community and area churches join together to serve a meal once a week. We hope to reach out and touch the lives to those in need, are hungry for a warm meal, or perhaps just need some conversation. We are always looking for volunteers to help prep, serve and/or clean-up.
If you would like to help, call the church office at 217-543-3159.
Check us out on Facebook on Wednesdays to see what we are serving that day!

The first Community Meal was served in our new dining hall on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.

We served 344 people!


Community Meals News update

In 2017, Wednesday night Community Meals served about 12,039 meals!…

The volunteers are wonderful and have helped serve so many who were hungry…What amazing people!

AUMC Appreciation Dinner: July 19, 2017

On July 19, we got to test our new kitchen and host meals in our new dining hall! We had an appreciation dinner for our construction workers, those who donated to our fund, helped move or clean – or any other way that others may have been involved. We served dinner to 130 people!… After our “run-through,” we are now ready for Community Meals to begin again on Wednesday, July 26. 

We are almost there!

The new addition is almost ready! We are having a moving party on Friday, July 14 to move everything from downstairs to upstairs. Then, the Health Department will be coming in to do a walk- through. 
We hope to open up our new addition on Wednesday, July 26 to begin Community Meals once again…


We are planning a MOVING PARTY!
The time we have been anxiously awaiting has arrived.
This Friday, July 14 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., everyone is invited and any help you can provide is needed. Join in for the entire time, stay for just a little bit, whatever you can do to help! Young hands, old hands, strong hands, weak hands, energetic hands, tired hands, wise hands and not-so-wise hands.  We need all hands on deck (or in the kitchens)!

This should give everyone plenty of time to get to the fair Friday evening !

Please let Steffanie or Arlone know if you have any questions/comments/concerns!

See you



More additions to our building!

It is hard to believe that our new addition is almost complete! The new floor has been put down in the dining hall, cabinets are up in the kitchen and the coffee bar is on its way to being complete… We also have a storage cabinet for our sound system and there are doors separating the sanctuary from the new building!

Community Meals served 15,084 meals in 2016!

Steffanie & Pastor Bruce counted the number of meals served in 2016 –Approximately 15,084 meals were served!  It is a blessing  that we have been able to provide this outreach within the community to so many people and touch their lives. 

Community Meals receives 30 turkeys!

Community Meals were blessed with 30 turkeys from CHI. We had volunteers who helped cooked, carve and clean up on  Sun, Jan 22 after worship—
Thank you to all of those who helped!   And  we thank CHI– we are grateful for their donation.