Food Pantry

Food Pantry
The Arthur United Methodist Food Pantry serves those who are hungry and in need. Donations are given by the church members, the community, area organizations and other surrounding churches.
It is open by appointment. If you or know someone who is need, contact the Methodist Church to find out how the food pantry can help serve you. Call the church office at
217-543-3159 or email us at
The Arthur United Methodist Church also serves a meal every Wednesday evening from 4:30 -6:30 p.m.

April 2018 Food Pantry News


The pantry continues to be busy.  I have both a happy and sad story to share with you.  We “lost” a family that we have helped for several years.  We lost them because they became employed and no longer need our help.  What an exciting blessing! 

We gained a new couple because they now have medical problems that keep them from working.  We were able to give them several bags of groceries and help fill their cabinets again.  They were extremely appreciative and thankful for the help.I appreciate the donations that you bring to church each month.  Your generosity brings smiles to those who weren’t smiling when they came to the pantry.
Iris and Howard Ramsey, Marilyn Allison and I delivered 38 Easter “goodie bags” to our senior members. A  friendly visit was enjoyed at each stop.
We are in need of laundry soap, cereal, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant and toilet tissue. 
As always, thank you for supporting our outreach project.

                                                                     In His Service, Jill Strawn




This month the food pantry has continued to be busy.  We have added three new families needing help. 

We got (for the third time) a nice donation from Astoria which is one of our newer businesses in town.  They generously gave us scented body soaps, scented hand soaps, scented hand lotions and candles.  The families who visit the pantry thoroughly  enjoy these luxuries.  They make the pantry smell really good too!
The pantry is getting low and is in need of canned chicken, jelly, canned fruit, 

fruit juice, toilet tissue, shampoo & conditioner and laundry soap. 


As always, thanks for supporting our project.


In His Service,
Jill Strawn