Food Pantry
The Arthur United Methodist Food Pantry serves those who are hungry and in need. Donations are given by the church members, the community, area organizations and other surrounding churches.
It is open by appointment. If you or know someone who is need, contact the Methodist Church to find out how the food pantry can help serve you. Call the church office at
217-543-3159 or email us at
The Arthur United Methodist Church also serves a meal every Wednesday evening from 4:30 -6:30 p.m.

Food Pantry News: September 2018

We helped 18 families in July.  Many of those families have not asked for help August, but I have had calls from six new families that moved into our community.  They were all very grateful for the food they received.  It seems as though each month is different. I would like to thank you for your continued support of this much need  project.  The pantry is low on toilet tissue, Kleenex, paper towels, canned fruit, fruit juice, grape jelly, and cereal.    
In His Service,                                                                      
Jill Strawn  

Food Pantry News: August 2018

Last month I told you about being invited to the ECIWCTU meeting (East Central Illinois Woman’s Christian Temperance Union).  It is a group of very nice ladies. 

I enjoyed their meeting.  They made me feel very welcome.  They insisted I join them for lunch.  That is always a good thing especially since the meeting was at Yoders.  They gave me a large donation of canned goods for the pantry.

The pantry continues to be busy.  We are helping a new person who moved to town.  We are helping him until he gets his first pay check.  He appreciates everything people are doing for him to help him get on his feet.

The pantry is low on cereal, toilet tissue, Kleenex and toilet articles like shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste and tooth brushes.  As always, “thank you” for supporting our outreach project.

                                                                              In His Service, Jill Strawn