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June 2017 News from God’s Closet

The closet is ready for a busy summer. All summer clothes are out and the shelves are full! When we arrived on Monday after the garage sales, the boxes were stacked in front the Closet’s door. We are always thankful for donations from the community.

The Crafty Crafters were also blessed with boxes of overalls for next year’s rug making for their bazaar!

We are always in need of clothing, diapers, laundry soap and clothing for newborn babies up through age 2 and 3. Sheets and towels are also always needed!

We are grateful to our community for donations of furniture, pots and pans and kitchen supplies for those in need.

We thank God for our giving community!


May 2017 News from God’s Closet


This has been a very busy month!

We have helped 52 people with clothing, dental products, laundry soap and baby-needs. All of our spring clothing has been brought out. Lots of people were waiting for shorts and athletic shoes.
We have had a large donation of clothing from the community which we have placed in lock up and storage until the Closet moves to the basement.

Donations of diapers, laundry soap, sheets and laundry and bar soap are always welcome.

We always welcome summer clothing for children too! Thank you to all who have donated this past month.    


June 2017 Food Pantry News

The pantry continues to be busy.  Each month we pick up new families who need help and stop helping those who have gotten jobs and no longer need our help.  That situation is very rewarding to me.  This month we got a large food donation from the Arthur Evening Woman’s Club.  We always appreciate all the community support we get for this project.

The pantry is in need of tuna packed in water, canned meat, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce and summer drinks such as Kool-Aid.  Thank you for your continued support of our outreach project.