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July 2017 God’s Closet News


We are hoping this month brings back the Community Meals and God’s closet will be active for families in need.

We have received many donations this past month from the community which are very welcome. In a few weeks, school supplies will be at the top of the list of needs for all of us. Crafty Crafters finished 10 quilts last month and placed them with shut-ins within our community and Linus for children in distress. God Bless all who have helped anyone in our community tis past month.



Happy birthday with love to our 1 year old friend, Hazel Rose on July 4!

In His Service,
Iris Ramsey




This month the food pantry has continued to be busy.  We have added three new families needing help. 

We got (for the third time) a nice donation from Astoria which is one of our newer businesses in town.  They generously gave us scented body soaps, scented hand soaps, scented hand lotions and candles.  The families who visit the pantry thoroughly  enjoy these luxuries.  They make the pantry smell really good too!
The pantry is getting low and is in need of canned chicken, jelly, canned fruit, 

fruit juice, toilet tissue, shampoo & conditioner and laundry soap. 


As always, thanks for supporting our project.


In His Service,
Jill Strawn

July 2017 Food Pantry News

In June the food pantry received two exciting donations.  The first one was from Amanda Romine’s marketing class.  She wrote “My marketing class had projects this year to create a product or event and use the marketing process to price, promote and distribute it.  The groups were very successful this year in their projects and have chosen the two food pantries in Arthur to donate the funds to.”  
The second one was a generous food and monetary donation from our Vacation Bible School Program. This is such an awesome thing that so many in our community see the need and get involved with our food pantry.  We are so blessed to live in such a caring
and giving community!
At this time the pantry is in need of canned meat, sugar, ketchup, facial tissue,
and laundry soap. As always, thanks for supporting our project.
In His Service,
Jill Strawn