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News from God’s Closet: September 2018

Welcome to September & God’s Closet. The school supplies went fast and made many school children excited for the first day of classes. We have just a few things left. Thanks so much to Kathy Oye and Oye’s Hardware for all their help & support! We have had a lot of families shopping for school clothing for their children. There have been lots of excited children of all sizes finding things that they like! 

Our kitchen items have been going out fast!   If anyone is doing any fall sorting at their house, we can help by sharing… We had to post some signs stating that we are not accepting adult clothing for awhile because I want to have some more children’s clothing available.   Don’t forget bed sheets, blankets and pillows go out fast too! If you have some that you would like to share, we will gladly take it. There have been 62 shoppers this month. Our local dentist donated dental supplies for the back to school children. What a blessing! Thank you so much!    

Crafty Crafters have made and sold many beautiful quilts the past few months. Thanks to Jean Barnhart’s crafty knot tying! Thanks to all for helping keep the closet going. We couldn’t’ do it without your help!                   

In His Service, Iris Ramsey  

Food Pantry News: September 2018

We helped 18 families in July.  Many of those families have not asked for help August, but I have had calls from six new families that moved into our community.  They were all very grateful for the food they received.  It seems as though each month is different. I would like to thank you for your continued support of this much need  project.  The pantry is low on toilet tissue, Kleenex, paper towels, canned fruit, fruit juice, grape jelly, and cereal.    
In His Service,                                                                      
Jill Strawn  

Youth Attend Baby Fold Camp (July/Aug 2018)




On Saturday, July 14, six youth went to Baby Fold Camp for the week.  Five of them were seniors  – which means this will be their last year.  For one camper, it was his first year.

Next year—there will be open spots for new youth who might want to experience a week at Baby Fold…
Learn more about Baby Fold at: